Halloween: Amaze your users with a thematic show

show halloween

Just a few days to Halloween, an opportunity for you to liven up your shows and show something unusual and fun to your users.

Get attention even on social media with photos of your scary and sexy Halloween outfit and don’t forget to tag CamOnCASH on Instagram or Twitter!

Are you running out of scary ideas? Here are some tips:

1. Decorate the room where you perform

Do you want to create the right atmosphere for the night of the dead? Start by decorating the room where you broadcast!

halloween room deco

You don’t need much money nor much time, just a little imagination and you’re done. Here are some easy-to-make horror ideas:

  • Take a black cardboard and cut out shapes in the shape of a cat, bat or spider to hang from the ceiling or stick to the walls.
  • Plastic spiders, porcelain or rag dolls and ghosts help create the right atmosphere.
  • Plastic snakes are perfect for making the environment really scary and if you wish you can also play with it during the shows, like a real witch.
  • If there is a mirror in the room, write a scary phrase with a red lipstick, it will look written in blood.
  • Lanterns, pumpkin-shaped lamps and candles will give the room the right scary and very intriguing touch.
  • White cloths, torn and hung on the walls or fabric painted with red tempera are simple to make and give the right gruesome touch.

2. Sexy fear outfit

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to wear and realize your fantasies and those of your users. Dressing up, especially at this time of the year can be fun and most importantly give your liveshows an extra gear: try and you’ll see more visits and even your earnings.

Zombies, vampires and sexy villains like Harley Quinn or Cat Woman are always appreciated and can spark the imagination of those looking at you. But remember that whatever your favorite character is, you will never lose sensuality: the night of witches with you must be truly desirable!

sexy catwoman

A sensual black body is enough, with a mask, a cat’s headband and black stockings, to turn into an intriguing catwoman. Users will just want to be scratched by this charming kitten!

sexy Catrina

Catrina, the Mexican santa muerte, is without doubt one of the most refined costumes. You can choose a bandaged black dress or just a piece of lace to be completed with a glamorous, scary and at the same time very feminine makeup.

Unleash your imagination and amaze those who look at you. We are looking forward to celebrating with you Halloween, so don’t forget to post your social photos and tag us!


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